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Oh say can you see!!
My flag is waving in the air
it flies over you... it flies over me
it flies over here and flies over there
and prouly... it flies every-where.
It flies over mountains, over rivers and falls
it flies and flies for the good of us all.

That is my flag, for it I pray
for it I cry, and for it I fight
To defend my flag, I will never be ill
I love my flag and I always will.
That is my flag it flies still
It flies over churches over cabins and mills.

It flies over the streets...all over the town
it flies every-where, it will never be down.
God save my flag in peace and war
the flag of the stripes and stars
with its brilliant white and red bars.

I will fight for my flag
through the snow or the rain
I will fight for it
through ice or flames.

My love for my flag
will always be high
and I will always love it
until the day I die.
I will love my flag
every day of the year
but more than ever

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